Shandong Mingxing Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Company profile

Shandong Mingxing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. since 1995 as a sand and precision casting foundry established in Xintai City. Mingxing engaged in manufacturing an extensive assortment of tube valves, pump case and impeller, auto parts and Customized products casting.

These products are manufactured using the finest quality raw and environmental material with international standards. The finished products can be rugged and durable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and beautiful, non-standard products can be customized.

Achievable casting weights from 5g to 12tons.Mingxing owns 7 sets steel shell intermediate frequency furnaces, CNC machine tools and sand blasting equipment 30 sets, 3 sets Heat treatment robots and Pickling workshop ( Can be used for SS. DSS,Ni-based alloys Quenching, Tempering and Passivating treatment), At the same time, Spectrometer, Dynamic balance and CMM measure as the a quality assurance equipment and played a huge role. Mingxing welcome your booking and visit at any time .


Mingxing Technology will be one of the leaders in the sand and precision casting markets and generate a return on capital commensurate with its leadership position by supplying high quality products and services that utilize state of the art technologies:

· We strive to be a reliable and responsive supplier of cost effective and quality products to our Customers.

· We strive to provide a motivating, safe and rewarding environment for our Employees.

· We strive to be recognized as a professionally managed Engineered Services and Cast Facility.

· We strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our Suppliers.

· We strive to contribute to the improvement of our technical, business and public Communities.