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Deputy director of quality control department

Salary: negotiable

Recruitment number: 2 minimum degree: junior college

Age: 25-45 working experience: experience is preferred

How to recruit: full-time


Job responsibilities:

1. Assist and guide each business department of the company to prepare operation instructions and establish working standards;

2. Organize project managers to learn the knowledge of quality and safety management system, system documents and relevant standards, and conduct assessment;

3. Responsible for the specific organization and implementation of internal audit of the system;

4. Compile and collect management review materials;

5. Checked the service quality system operation and service quality of each department, evaluated and analyzed the inspection results, guided relevant departments to carry out rectification, and tracked and verified the rectification situation;

6. Supervised and guided the system operation records of all departments;


Job requirements:

1. University degree or above, major in biological engineering, inspection and testing;

2. Familiar with ISO quality system and skilled in using quality statistical analysis tools;

3. Good communication and coordination, organizational management and strain capacity;

4. Comprehensive quality discrimination ability and strain capacity;

5. Planned and promoted quality projects;